Salon Futura


Dr. Maria Gerolemou is a Classicist based at the University of Exeter. One of her interests is in ancient automota. Here she talskto Cheryl about their joint fascination with the early origins of robots.


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WiFi SciFi

Cheryl talks to Anne Corlett and Kevlin Henney about the new, online convention, WiFi SciFi. How did it come to be? Has it worked for audiences? What problems have theyfound with online conferencing software?

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Unjust Cause

In this interview Cheryl talks to Tate Hallaway, the mysterious, night-dwelling alter-ego of mild-mannered novelist, Lyda Morehouse. The conversation touches on Lyda's AngeLINK novels, Tate's work, and of course the newly released Unjust Cause.

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The Thief's Gamble

In this interview Cheryl talks to Juliet E. McKenna about the re-issue of her Tales of Einarinn series, back in print for the first time in years. Other topics discussed include free fiction for lockdown reading, book three in the Green Man series, and a potential River Kingdom novel.

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