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Mike Carey on Ujima

Cheryl interviewed Mike Carey on her Ujima show on the very day that X-Men: Age of Apocalypse premiered in the UK. They do chat a bit about Mike's time writing the mutants later on, but the main thrust of the interview is about Mike latest book. Fellside is set in a women's prison, and deals with issues of prison privatisation and drug addiction as well as being a great ghost story.

During the interview Cheryl mentions that she will be interviewing Mike again that evening. A recording of that interview will be online here in a few days.


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Paul Cornell Interview

This interview with Paul Cornell too place on Cheryl's Ujima Radio show on May 6th. Paul and Cheryl talked about a variety of subjects including Paul's latest Shadow Police novel, Who Killed Sherlock Holmes, and his comic series, This Damned Band.

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Cavan Scott Interview

This interview with Cavan Scott took place on Cheryl's show on Ujima Radio on April 8th. Cheryl and Cav talked about various of Cav's writing projects including his Star Wars novels, his Sherlock Holmes novel, his Doctor Who comics and, of course, his work on The Beano.

The illustration for this episode is of the Star Wars book that Cav wrote for World Book Day 2016. It became the #1 selling book in the UK.


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