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Cheryl welcomed Jonathan L Howard onto her radio show to discuss his latest novel, After the End of the World. The book is set in an alternate universe in which the Nazis won World War II. There is much discussion about how this turned out to be much more topical that Jonathan expected when he wrote the book, and about the merits of Nazi-punching.

After the End of the World is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Carter & Lovecraft, featuring descendants of HP Lovecraft and Randolf Carter.

There is also discussion of Jonathan's other projects, including the Johannes Cabal series, the Goon Squad superhero adventures, and a brand new video game.

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This is an interview that I did with Tade Thompson about a year ago when his novel, Rosewater, was first released. I ran parts of it on Ujima, but the quality of the recording was not good so I was a bit worried about putting the whole thing out.

However, Rosewater has just become the first ever winner of the Best Novel prize in the Nommo Awards from the African Speculative Fiction Society. It seems like there should be a lot of renewed interest in the book, and in Tade's other work, and that therefore I should share this podcast with you.

In the interview Tade talks about some of the ideas behind Rosewater, about his now released novella, The Murders of Molly Southbourne, and about writing a ghost story.

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At Worldcon 75 Cheryl recorded a number of interviews with women writers of color. This one is with Jamaican author, Stephanie Saulter, whose (R)Evolution series has been very well received. For more information about that series, see Cheryl's previous interview with Stephanie here.

Parts of this interview were originally broadcast on the Women's Outlook show on Ujima Radio.

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