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Out of This World: The Launch of the British Library Exhibition

This podcast contains interviews that Cheryl Morgan conducted at the launch party for the British Library's science fiction exhibition. For more details see the show notes at Cheryl's blog.

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Hugo Award Questions: Episode 2

Following the recent release of the 2011 Hugo Award nominees, Cheryl Morgan and Kevin Standlee, ably assisted by John DeNardo of SF Signal, boldly dive into the dark underbelly of the Hugo Award rules in search of enlightenment. How notes for this podcast will be available at the Science Fiction Awards Watch website.

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The Salon: Making a Book Cover

This month on The Salon Cheryl Morgan and her guests discuss how book covers are designed. With Cheryl in The Salon are artist, John Picacio, art director Irene Gallo, and former Barnes & Noble buyer, Joe Monti.

For more information about the matters discussed in this podcast see the Salon Futura website.

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