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Åcon 7 - The Post-Colonial SF Panel

This is a podcast of the panel on post-colonial science fiction that took place at Åcon in Mariehamn, Finland in May 2014. The panelists are:

  • Karen Lord
  • Sari Polvinen
  • Juha Tupasela
  • Cheryl Morgan

Karen is an author from Barbados. Sari & Juha both have an academic interest in post-colonial SF. Cheryl is a critic.

Tech services at Åcon are provided by Jonas Wissting to whom we are indebted for this recording.

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Eurocon 2011 Gender in SF&F Panel

This is a recording of a panel from the 2011 Eurocon, held in Stockholm in June. It featues a panel titled "Men, Women and Neuters in SF and Fantasy". The panel members were Kari Sperring (moderator), Ian McDonald, Elizabeth Bear, Johan Jönsson, Kristina Knaving and Cheryl Morgan. The recording also features audience contributions from Charlie Stross and (briefly) Amanda Downum. Our thanks to the Eurocon committee for providing the raw audio.

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